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2020 Summer Term Online Classes (July 6th to August 16th)

This summer, Yoyo School of Dancing will continue to provide a variety of activities and classes that will enrich your summer days with learning, art, and joy. All classes will be taught online.

Here is our 2020 Summer Term Class Schedule (listed by age).

For more information on adult classes, please visit the following link: https://zine.la/article/cd0e3faed6fd4524bf8c159e2e03c3c3/

We are also introducing new family and buddy classes!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us cannot see our friends and family or visit our relatives back in China. Yoyo School of Dancing is introducing new family and buddy class arrangements that will allow you to spend a fun hour each week with your family or friends and get fit together!

  • Date & time: We will set up an appropriate timeslot based on your availability. You can take the class with family and friends in any location; just find a time that works for all of you! If the instructor’s schedule does not match up with yours, we will try to work out a timeslot that suits everyone.
  • Duration: Registrations are accepted on a monthly basis (4 classes)
  • Format: online classes
  • Class content: You can choose any class that is provided by Yoyo School of Dancing! Our popular classes for the family and buddy arrangements include yoga, fitness, flexibility/strength training, and targeted physique training. These classes are suitable for all ages, genders, and skill levels. Please contact us to discuss specific class details.
  • Class fee: $73.5 per class (5 students) + an additional $13.65 per class for each extra student.
  • Special reminder: These fee guidelines only apply to family and buddy class arrangements.

How to register and important information for the Summer term

You can now register for summer term classes! The summer term runs from July 6th – August 16th. Please read over the following information before registering:

To ensure a high quality of instruction, each class has a maximum capacity of 8 students (excluding adult Zumba).
To ensure teaching progress and proper management of the classes, students will not be allowed to drop in to other classes, make up for classes, or refund classes after they register. Please arrange your schedule to accommodate for the class ahead of time.

Summer term classes will be delivered in an online format, regardless of developments in the COVID-19 situation. We will not be switching to in person classes at the dance studios for the summer term.

Policy for trial classes: The first class will be a free trial class. Trial classes after the first one will cost $10 per class. You will only be permitted to try out each class once.

How to register:

You will be registered based on the time at which we receive the registration form and fees. We are now accepting registrations for the summer term. The registration deadline is on June 30, 2020.

We are only accepting payment in the form of e-transfers. Please send e-transfers to payment@yoyodance.ca, set the security question answer to “yoyodanceedmonton”, and clearly state the summer term class code and student name in the note.

Reminder for the discount policy (class fees are ordered from highest to lowest, the discount cannot be combined with other discounts or applied to family and buddy classes):

  • For the student themselves: the first class is regular price, the second class taken in the same term is 5% off, the third class taken in the same term is 10% off, and any additional classes taken in the same term are 15% off.
  • For direct relatives (within 2 generations of the student): the first family member’s class is regular price, the second family member taking a class in the same term will receive a 5% discount, the third family member taking a class in the same term will receive a 10% discount, and any additional family members taking a class in the same term will receive a 15% discount.

Note: If you or your child is a student of the Yoyo School of Dancing 2019-2020 school year and stopped attending classes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact us to check your remaining credit before paying any class fees. 

Yoyo School of Dancing has introduced a community wellness free class series called “Together” during the COVID-19 outbreak to provide free public welfare classes and workshops. Even though we have to stay at home, we can still be together! The follow up information will be sent via email, so sign up for the mailing list on our homepage if you’re interested!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Email: info@yoyodance.ca
Phone:  780 885 0603
Wechat: yoyo026137


  1. Jody says:

    Hi, I’m interested in summer ballet class for my girl. I saw the schedule for 7 – 12 years old ballet classes have (1 -2) and (2 to 3), what are they different? Is it the experience of dancing or just the schedule?
    And is it only online class?

    • yoyo staff says:

      Hi Jody! Thank you for your interest!

      The difference between the level 1-2 and 2-3 classes is the skill level. Usually the students in a higher skill level have taken ballet classes with us for at least a year.

      We currently only have online classes available. There may be in-person classes available in September depending on the COVID-19 situation.

      Hope we were able to answer your questions! Please look under the “Classes” and “Register” tabs for more information on available classes. You can also email us at info@yoyodance.ca for additional inquires!

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