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Adult dance classes include the following categories:

Class Name Course Description
Barre Class A ballet inspired workout class focused on shaping body postures and enhancing balance. Using the barre as a prop, small reps of exercises are performed that target specific muscle groups and areas on the body. Through rhythm and music, the different movements and techniques of ballet, yoga, and Pilates allow the students to become familiar with dancing while exercising.
Classical Chinese Dance Half an hour of classical Chinese dance body rhythm training, as well as breathing, body, and footwork training

One hour of classical Chinese dance instruction

Cultural/Ethnic Chinese Dance Instruction of dances of the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur and other ethnic groups beginning from footwork and basic movements.
Fitness Dance Half an hour of physique training including: leg stretches, kicks, front and middle splits, back flexibility training, shoulder stretches, and bar exercises

One hour of dance instruction on various styles of dance which includes ethnic and classical Chinese dance, Zumba, etc.

Fitness: Muscle Sculpting This training class focuses on exercises that challenge major muscle groups to develop more muscle mass as well as define their shape. Great music and your choice of different movements will inspire and help you achieve a stronger and toned body.
Fitness: Slimming These sport-inspired cardio workouts are designed to build strength and stamina. Aerobic movements as well as strength and stabilization exercises will stimulate the reduction of body fat.
Physique and Technique Training
  1. Leg and back stretches, kicks, and other flexibility training exercises
  2. Ballet techniques training, which includes: sliding feet exercises, kicks, single-leg squats, back training, muscle control exercises, and jumps
  3. Dance routines
Yoga Originating in India, yoga uses ancient techniques that are easy to grasp. Through positions of the body, breathing adjustment, meditation, and various other methods, yoga unifies the body, mind, and spirit.
Dance Yoga Dance Yoga is the blend of yoga and dance, combining yoga positions and dance elements to improve flexibility, enhance elegance, shape the body and enrich sentiment upon the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Dancers will slim their legs and waist in the process.
Zumba This exercise dance class combines simple dance moves to rhythmic music with aerobic exercise. With its spicy and passionate style, Zumba has become the most popular workout class and weight loss technique. A typical 60 minute Zumba class is separated into several sections with varying rhythm intensities, allowing students to experience the joy, excitement and romance of Latin dance.

All adult courses will have professionally certified babysitters to look after younger children upon request. There will be one babysitter for every 5 children.


For information on available classes please see our current class schedule.