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Adult Classes

Yoyo Dance offer adult classes in Chinese dance, physique training, yoga, and fitness. For information on available classes please see our current class schedule.


Classical Chinese Dance:

These classes include breathing, body, and footwork training as well as classical Chinese dance instruction. These classes will attend performances.


Ethnic-Folk Chinese Dance:

These classes include instruction on dances of the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur and other ethnic groups beginning from footwork and basic movements. These classes will attend performances.


Ballet Physique:

A ballet inspired workout class focused on shaping body postures and enhancing balance. Using the barre as a prop, small reps of exercises are performed that target specific muscle groups and areas on the body. Through rhythm and music, the different movements and techniques of ballet, yoga, and Pilates allow the students to become familiar with dancing while exercising.


Physique Training:

These classes focus on exercises that selectively train and define your muscles, often focusing on the neck and abdominal regions. 



Originating in India, yoga uses ancient techniques that are easy to grasp. Through positions of the body, breathing adjustment, meditation, and various other methods, yoga unifies the body, mind, and spirit.



These training classes focuses on exercises that will help you achieve a stronger and more toned body. The sport-inspired cardio workouts are designed to build strength and stamina, while aerobic movements as well as strength and stabilization exercises will stimulate the reduction of body fat.