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Yoyo School of Dancing Adult Online Dance Classes

The Yoyo Dance 2021-2022 online dance classes are now open for registration!

During this unique time where the world has slowed down and we are all separated, Yoyo School of Dancing has been working hard to create an online platform to connect us. We hope that you will find the things that you’ve always wanted to do as we enter a calmer state.

What you’re seeing right now is the online course series that Yoyo School of Dancing has specially created for adults. We are now accepting registrations for the 2021-2022 school year. Please continue reading for important class information.

Class schedules:

Important information

  1. To ensure high quality class instruction, each class can only accept a maximum of 6 students (10 for Adult folk-ethnic dance class).
  2. We will not be allowing students to swap classes, make up for classes, or refund classes to ensure teaching progress. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.
  3. You can have the first trial class for free. For the second and up trials, the fee is $10 for each trial. Only one trial from each type is allowed.

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Check out the class schedule below and find a class and an instructor that you like!

Step 2: Fill out a registration form: https://uu1frg.fanqier.cn/f/bdupqbcr (please email info@yoyodance.ca to register if you encounter any technical difficulties)

Step 3: e-Transfer the class fees to payment@yoyodance.ca and state the student name and class code in the note. The password should be set as “yoyodanceedmonton”. You will receive an electronic receipt via email.

Special Reminder for our Discount Policy (class fees will be ordered from high to low, cannot be combined with other discounts)

  • For one student, the first class is full price, the second class in the same period is 5% off, the third class in the same period is 10% off, and the fourth and any additional classes are 15% off.
  • For direct relatives (within 2 generations of the student), the first family member is regular price, the second family member in the same period will receive 5% off, the third family member in the same period will receive 10% off, and the fourth and any additional family members will receive 15% off.