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Chinese dance refers to China’s traditional dances, which are split into two main groupings: classical and ethnic dance. Chinese dance originates in traditional folk dance, enriched with a long history. With focuses on the eyes and breathing as a part of dance, classical Chinese dance revolves around the body’s rhyme and dance techniques. It is strongly rhythmic, and encompasses the harmony of strength and softness that is unique to Eastern culture. Ethnic Chinese was born and spread amongst the people; because it is strongly influenced by the lifestyle, environment, culture, and various other elements, folk dance varies significantly in style and technique between different Chinese ethnic groups. However, it is always inseparable from the music with which it is performed, making the dances lively and free-spirited. Ethnic Chinese dance includes the dances of the Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyghur, and various other Chinese ethnic groups, and thus its beauty also lies in its rich diversity.

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Level Flexibility and Basic Techniques Training Content Dance Instruction Content

Pre-school to Beginner

Sitting and standing posture, positions for hands and feet, pointed and flexed feet, back flexibility training, bridge, middle and side split flexibility training Arm and head movement training, direction training, rhythm training, partner dance training, basic footwork training

Beginner to Intermediate

Leg stretches, front and middle split training, back training, bridges, shoulder stretches Basic breathing training, foot position training, jumps, arm movement training, moving center of gravity training, basic footwork training, children’s dance training
Intermediate Cartwheels, handstands, splits training, back handstand training, leg muscle control training, back and core muscle training, back flexibility training, bridges, shoulder stretches, barre techniques training, jumps Basic breathing training, jump-kick step, Chinese dance hand and foot positions, classical Chinese dance training, introductory ethnic Chinese dance training
Intermediate to Advanced Leg training: barre stretches, kicks

Splits training: front and middle splits, mid-air middle splits

Back training: bridges, swinging bridges, back muscle control

Techniques: jumps, front and back walkovers, spins

Barre training: standing, sliding feet, squatting, half tip-toe and other strength training exercises

Classical Chinese dance body rhythm training

Beginner ethnic Chinese dance training



Advancement (Examination required)

Intermediate and advanced level course content, with the addition of:

Swinging and kick-and-hold leg exercises, back leg kicks, single leg and additional spins, barre training routines, additional Chinese dance techniques

To be placed into this class, students must pass a test issued by an instructor that examines skill level in:

  • horizontal and vertical splits
  • swinging bridges (25 continuous bridges in standing position),
  • cartwheels
  • handstands
  • dance routines
Classical Chinese dance body rhythm training

Ethnic Chinese dance training


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