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Hip-Hop is the collective title for the multitude of elements that make up “street culture”. It encompasses music, dance, rap, DJ techniques, fashion, graffiti, and etc. Born in the 1960s, hip-hop has become a powerful source of influence for the youth, for whom it is a way to build a mutual understanding. In the present, hip-hop has become a culture of sorts. From commercials to athletics, so many areas have been branded by said hip-hop culture. Hip-hop dance in its strong rhythmic movements and expressivity, is recognized and appreciated by the masses as an integral part of this culture.

hip hop


Basic hip-hop movements, routines, and complete dances with increasing difficulties are taught to the students. The course is focused on developing the student’s grasp of the music, rhythm and ability to freestyle dance to designated songs.


Starting winter 2017, we offer jazz dance classes for both youth and adults.


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