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K-POP dance, with “K” referring to Korean and “POP” to pop music, is a style of dance that has quickly amassed popularity in the recent years. K-POP dance focuses on the instruction of the choreography of the trending Korean pop songs. It allows students to connect to their favourite idols through dance, and develops a different approach to hip-hop dance. K-POP dance seeks short, common, and quick: choreography that can be learned in a short period of time by the common population, and is updated quickly. Without doubt, K-POP is the choice for fans that are interested in dance.

Starting at the beginner level, K-POP choreographies are taught at increasing difficulties in these classes. Complete dances by BoA, EXO, Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, B2st and other popular K-POP groups are taught to the students. Also, pop dances with Chinese cultural characteristics are taught.

The competitive K-POP class accepts students with K-POP dance experience and undergoes further professional training to prepare for various international K-POP competitions. To join the competitive K-POP class, students must pass a test issued by the instructor that examines skill level in:

  • K-POP dance routines
  • vertical splits
  • bridge


For information on available classes:

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