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Non-Adult Classes


Yoyo Dance offers non-adult classes in Chinese dance, ballet, hip-hop, KPOP, and drama. Please see our class schedule for more information on available classes.


Chinese Dance:

Chinese dance refers to China’s traditional dances, which are split into two main groupings: classical and folk dance. Chinese dance originates in traditional folk dance, enriched with a long history. With focuses on the eyes and breathing as a part of dance, classical Chinese dance revolves around the body’s rhyme and dance techniques. Chinese folk dance varies significantly in style and technique between different Chinese ethnic groups, including Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyghur, and various other Chinese ethnic groups, and thus its beauty also lies in its rich diversity.



Ballet is a lithe and elegant style of dance. Originating in the courts of Renaissance Italy, ballet spread to France and Russia and evolved into a concert dance form. It utilizes French terminology, and requires a high level of skill. With its global influence, ballet defines the basic techniques of a large variety of dances, as well as continues to develop within its own culture.



Hip-Hop is the collective title for the multitude of elements that make up “street culture”. It encompasses music, dance, rap, DJ techniques, fashion, graffiti, and etc. Born in the 1960s, hip-hop has become a powerful source of influence for the youth, for whom it is a way to build a mutual understanding. In the present, hip-hop has become a culture of sorts. From commercials to athletics, so many areas have been branded by said hip-hop culture. Hip-hop dance in its strong rhythmic movements and expressivity, is recognized and appreciated by the masses as an integral part of this culture.



K-POP dance, with “K” referring to Korean and “POP” to pop music, is a style of dance that has quickly amassed popularity in the recent years. K-POP dance focuses on the instruction of the choreography of the trending Korean pop songs. It allows students to connect to their favourite idols through dance, and develops a different approach to hip-hop dance. K-POP dance seeks short, common, and quick: choreography that can be learned in a short period of time by the common population, and is updated quickly. Without doubt, K-POP is the choice for fans that are interested in dance.



Drama is a unique and collaborative form of fine art used to explore and express human experience. Performers communicate this experience to an audience through combinations of gesture, speech, and movement. There are a huge variety of types of theatrical performance all with unique characteristics and styles. Each of these varieties require a broad range of skills including a well developed imagination, physical and emotional expressiveness, vocal projection, and clarity of speech.