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Yoyo School of Dancing Non-Adult Online Classes

Yoyo Dance 2021-22 online classes are now open for registration!

With 2022 on the horizon, it has been over a year since the pandemic began and our lives have changed dramatically. Online learning is now the new trend for arts education. Over the past year, we have seen the advantages of online classes: it’s convenient, it’s flexible, it saves time, it places focus on the class content, it’s easy to share resources, etc. Summarizing our experience from online learning over the past 10 months, Yoyo Dance has set up new classes that are suitable for the online format and combine content from our new and classic classes. We hope to provide the best possible education environment and resources for our students while we are all stuck at home.

2021-2022 Class schedules:

Important information regarding registration for classes

We are now accepting formal registrations for all classes listed above. Please read the important information provided below before registering. If you already have a class or instructor that you like, register ASAP while spots are still available!

  1. Only 6 spots are available for each class to ensure a high quality of instruction.
  2. To ensure proper progress and management of the classes, we will not allow students to swap classes, make up for classes, or refund classes after registration. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.
  3. Policy for trial classes: if you missed the first week of trial classes, you can try the first class for free. Trial classes starting from the second class will be $10 each. You can only try each class once.
  4. These classes are not eligible for any promotions or discounts.

Registration process

  • Look through the class listings and find a class and instructor that you like.
  • Fill out the registration form at the link below (if you encounter any technical difficulties when filling out or submitting the form, please email info@yoyodance.ca to register): https://uu1frg.fanqier.cn/f/bdupqbcr
  • E-transfer the class fees to payment@yoyodance.ca. Please clearly state the student’s name and class code in the note and set the password as “yoyodanceedmonton”. Class fees and registration forms must be submitted at the same time to secure a spot in the class. Your receipt will be emailed to you.