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Information on 2021-22 online classes will be announced soon! Please stay tuned for updates!


2021 Winter Term (Jan. 4 – Mar. 28)

With 2021 on the horizon, we have been in quarantine for almost an entire year and our lives have changed dramatically. Online learning is now the new trend for arts education. Over the past year, we have seen the advantages of online classes: it’s convenient, it’s flexible, it saves time, it places focus on the class content, it’s easy to share resources, etc. Summarizing our experience from online learning over the past 10 months, Yoyo Dance has set up new classes that are suitable for the online format and combine content from our new and classic classes. We hope to provide the best possible education environment and resources for our students while we are all stuck at home.

New classes!

  • English Nursery Rhyme and Story Telling Performance Class – Instructor: Levi

This class will develop the student’s performance capabilities and body coordination through performing nursery rhymes and childhood stories. It will also provide a deeper understanding of English culture.

    • OS101-1,English Nursery Rhyme and Story Telling Performance Class, ages 4-6,Thursdays 4:45-5:35pm,$203.25
    • OS101-2,English Nursery Rhyme and Story Telling Performance Class, ages 4-6,Saturdays 6:05-6:55pm,$187.5
  • English Public Speaking – Instructor: Levi

Public speaking is an extremely important skill. This class develops the student’s public speaking ability through various techniques and helps the student to break through their barriers and establish their confidence. The class will teach professional training techniques to practice enunciation, pronunciation, speech, and expression. This class will benefit the student greatly and the skills they learn will be carried to many aspects of their life.

    • OP103,English Public Speaking ,ages 7-10,Saturdays 5:05-5:55pm,$187.5
    • OP104,English Public Speaking ,ages 11-15,Mondays 5:55-7:15pm,$240
  • English Writing – Instructor: Levi

This class develops the student’s English writing skill. It will improve and perfect the writing capabilities of each student based on their skill level.

    • OW103,English Writing,ages 7-10,Mondays 4:55-5:45pm,$187.5
    • OW104,English Writing,ages 11-15,Thursdays 6:45-7:35pm,$203.25
  • Jazz – Instructor: Chandelle

Jazz is a dynamic, rhythm-based style of dance. It combines street dance, Black culture, and pop culture on a foundation of ballet to form an expressive style that is both free and structured.

    • OJ101,Jazz level 1, ages 4-6,Thursdays 5:05-5:55pm,$203.25
    • OJ103,Jazz level 1,ages 7-10,Thursdays 6:05-6:55pm,$203.25
  • Tap – Instructor: Chandelle

Tap is one of the dance classes best suited for online learning. It focuses on footwork and develops the student’s sense of rhythm, agility, and coordination over time. It’s a fun and effective way to work on your posture and dance abilities.

    • OT101,Tap level 1,ages 4-6,Tuesdays 5:35-6:25pm,$203.25
    • OT103,Tap level 1,ages 7-10,Tuesdays 6:35-7:25pm,$203.25
  • Acrobatics – Instructor: Chandelle

Can you really learn acrobatics online from home? The answer is yes, definitely! Many acrobatics training exercises focus on strength, flexibility, and coordination. You don’t need a lot of space; in fact, you can learn many new moves with just a yoga mat. With an online acrobatics class, the instructor can use the online platform to share videos and other resources to introduce and analyze movements, which will help students to better understand and practice what they have learned. The instructor will also teach parents some simple ways to help their child practice which can be a fun way to spend family time together.

    • OA101,Acrobatics level 1,ages 4-6,Fridays 6:35-7:25pm,$203.25
    • OA103,Acrobatics level 1,ages 7-10,Fridays 7:35-8:25pm,$203.25

Popular classic classes!

  • Ballet – Instructor: Chandelle

Ballet is the most important and classic training format for dance. Ballet training will sculpt the student’s muscles and cultivate their elegance. Ballet training is also a good foundation for various dance styles and physical activities.

    • WB201(this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),Ballet level 1-2,ages 4-6,Fridays 4:35-5:25pm,$410.1
    • OB103,Ballet level 1-2,ages 7-10,Fridays 5:35-6:25pm,$252.6
    • OB203,Ballet level 2-3,ages 7-10,Thursdays 7:05-7:55pm, $252.6
  • Hip Hop – Instructor: Carla

Hip-hop dance, with its strong sense of rhythm and refreshing style, has become extremely popular in recent years. Its training focuses on rhythm, strength, and control. When practicing Hip-hop, the student will learn how to move and coordinate each part of their body as well as balance their body through a series of jumps and spins.

    • OH103,Hip Hop level 1-2,ages 7-10,Tuesdays 5-5:50pm,$203.25
    • OH204(this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),Hip Hop level 1-2,ages 10+,Tuesdays 6-6:50pm,$360.75
  • K-POP – Instructor: Carla

K-POP has maintained its attraction with younger students and is an extremely popular class at Yoyo Dance.

    • WK01(this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),KPOP,ages 10+ ,Tuesdays 7-8:20pm,$471
  • Chinese Dance

Yoyo Dance has a strong team of Chinese dance instructors with lots of teaching experience who have established an organized and effective system for Chinese dance training. Our Chinese dance classes have entered many dance competitions and spread Chinese culture in the process. They have an influence in both Chinese organizations as well as the local dance education scene in Edmonton.

    • OCD101-2,Chinese dance level 1,ages 4-6,instructor: Jinjin,Thursdays 5:05-5:55pm,$252.6
    • OCD201-3(family class, this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),Chinese dance level 2,ages 4-6,instructor: Jing Zhang,Thursdays 6:05-6:55pm,$410.1
    • OCD504(this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),Chinese dance level 4-5,ages 9-13,instructor: Yoyo,Tuesdays 7:35-8:55pm,$520.35
  • English Drama – instructor: Levi

English Drama is one of our classic classes at Yoyo Dance and many students have benefited from this class. This class not only develops the student’s confidence, expressivity, and social skills, but also stimulates their creativity and imagination. The training methods in this class are entertaining and encourage participation. Overall, drama is a very fun class for students.

    • OD103,English drama level 1,ages 7-10,Thursdays 5:45-6:35pm,$203.25
    • OD203(this class will only accept registrations from Jan. to June),English drama level 2,ages 10+,Saturdays 7:05-7:55pm,$313.5

Free Trial Classes

We have set up a week of free trial classes so that everyone can get a chance to learn about our classes. The trial classes will be held at the same time as regular classes. Please register for free trial classes at the link below if you’re interested! After you register, we will email you the details for the Zoom call on the day of the class.


Special note: if you are interested in a class but there is no free trial class available, please contact us to set up a trial class.

Important information regarding registration for classes

We are now accepting formal registrations for all classes listed above. Please read the important information provided below before registering. If you already have a class or instructor that you like, register ASAP while spots are still available!

  1. Only 6 spots are available for each class to ensure a high quality of instruction.
  2. To ensure proper progress and management of the classes, we will not allow students to swap classes, make up for classes, or refund classes after registration. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.
  3. Policy for trial classes: if you missed the first week of trial classes, you can try the first class for free. Trial classes starting from the second class will be $10 each. You can only try each class once.
  4. These classes are not eligible for any promotions or discounts.

Registration process

  • Look through the class listings and find a class and instructor that you like.
  • Fill out the registration form at the link below (if you encounter any technical difficulties when filling out or submitting the form, please email info@yoyodance.ca to register): https://uu1frg.fanqier.cn/f/ndhf9ccy
  • E-transfer the class fees to payment@yoyodance.ca. Please clearly state the student’s name and class code in the note and set the password as “yoyodanceedmonton”. Class fees and registration forms must be submitted at the same time to secure a spot in the class. Your receipt will be emailed to you.