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Registration Begins for 2021-2022 Classes!

Yoyo Dance is accepting registrations for the 2021-2022 school year!

To ensure that all our dance classes can start smoothly in September, the instructors at Yoyo Dance have been working hard to make arrangements with consideration of the skill level, curriculum, and progression of each class. Now that everything is ready, we can begin our annual early bird registration for dance classes! We are offering a 5% discount on class fees (excluding registration fees, class attire fees, and performance costume fees) from May 14-16, 2021. There is a maximum capacity for each class, so make sure you register ASAP if you have your heart set on a class or an instructor!




  1. We are starting registration now to give the dance school enough time to plan for the school year. If we cannot return to in-person classes in September due to COVID-19 restrictions, students can choose to attend online classes of the same age group and skill level or get a refund. Students who have registered for a class but cannot attend due to reasons not related to COVID-19 must follow the Yoyo Dance drop out policy.
  2. Some students from the 2019-20 school year who chose to take a hiatus from their lessons due to the pandemic have school credit. This school credit can be used directly to pay fees for the new school year. Please consider the following two options when you register:
    1. We recommend choosing a class that is a level higher than the one from which you took the hiatus (e.g. if you took a hiatus from a level 2 class, please choose a level 3 class for the new school year).
    2. If you would like to rejoin your original class, you will need to take an exam. This is because the rest of the students in the class have continued their lessons over the past year and have passed the year-end exam to move on to the next level. For example, if you took a hiatus from a level 2 class, the other students in the class have completed the level 3 course material and passed the exam to go from level 3 to level 4. The class will now be on level 4 course material when they start in September. If the student who took a hiatus rejoins this class, they have skipped all the level 3 training and there is a high risk of injury. Therefore, the dance school will not be allowing students to skip levels out of consideration for student safety. However, if the student has been practicing at home during the hiatus, they can take the exam and will be allowed to rejoin the class if the instructors believe they have met the skill requirements for a level 4 class.
    3. If you choose the first option, please register following the instructions provided below. If you choose the second option, please email the school to receive more details on the exam (exam content, date & time). There is a $30 exam fee.
  3. If you are a student from the 2020-21 school year (the current school year), your credit cannot be used towards registration for the new school year to avoid confusion. Due to the changes in AHS policies, the current classes have been paused twice and are not yet complete. It is also impossible to predict how the situation will progress, so there may be more changes to your credit from the current school year. We will calculate the credit balances from the current school year once the classes are complete. The online classes will end in mid-June and the in-person classes will end at the end of July. The credit summaries and refunds will be completed before the end of August. If you would like to check your current credit balance, please send us an email.
  4. We have only arranged in-person lessons so far for certain classes. You can select the in-person lessons for now, and if the COVID-19 situation has not changed in September and the class needs to be transferred to an online format, we will discuss the options for online classes or provide refunds at the end of August.
  5. We have set up in-person lessons temporarily in the west side studios; however, whether the classes will be able to begin according to plan depends on the pandemic situation at the end of August. This is because these are rented studios and will be shared with many other people, so we cannot control the level of disinfection.
  6. For your convenience, all class fees for the new school year include GST and the registration fee. If multiple members of your family will be attending classes, please contact us so we can subtract duplicated registration fees before you submit your payment.
  7. Please check the policies linked below before you register for classes. Make sure you understand the policies for class fees, discounts, drop outs, make-up classes, etc. to avoid any miscommunications.

Fees & Payment Policy



How to register:

Step 1: Check the class information linked below and select the class you want to attend (make sure you know the class code). We have provided multiple versions of the class schedule for your convenience: 

Class Schedules

Step 2: Fill out the registration form linked below (if there are technical difficulties while you are filling out the form, please email info@yoyodance.ca to register):

Registration form

Step 3: e-Transfer fees to payment@yoyodance.ca. Please clearly state the student’s name and class code in the note and set the password to “yoyodanceedmonton”. Registration forms and fees must be submitted at the same time. The early bird discount will only apply to students who have submitted both the registration forms and fees during the May 14-16 period. The discount will no longer be applicable after 24:00 on May 16th. Receipts will be sent via email.

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