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Studio Policies

At Yoyo School of Dancing, we ask that all dancers and family members adhere to the following studio policies:


  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled class time dressed in proper attire (see dress code). If you need to change or tie up your hair at the studio, arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure that you are on time.
  • If you are late, please enter the studio quietly and join the class without disturbing the other students.
  • If you need you use the washroom during class, please ask your instructor at an appropriate time; do not interrupt the instructor!
  • Do not bring food into the studio. Water is permitted, but any snacks must be consumed outside the studio during break time.
  • Do not climb or play on the barres.
  • Do not sprint or yell in the studio.
  • Respect the instructor and your fellow dancers!


Parents and family members

  • Please notify us if a dancer will be absent for a class or an extended period of time. If a performance will be missed due to this absence, please notify the instructor as soon as possible.
  • Refrain from entering the studio during a class as it will distract the dancers and interrupt the class. You are welcome observe the class from the seating area outside.
  • Make sure your dancer is supervised outside of class time. You are responsible for bringing and picking them up before and after class.



  • Please remove outdoor footwear upon entering the studio and place it on the shoe rack provided. Do not leave shoes on the mat in front of the door.
  • Respect the studio. Any vandalism or damage to our property will not be tolerated.
  • Please take care of your own belongings; we are not responsible for any items lost at our studio. Anything found to be left behind will be placed in our lost & found.
  • Do not run or yell in the building hallways. Respect others in the building.
  • Taking photos or videos are prohibited inside the studio.
  • Please follow school policies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
but most importantly, enjoy your time here at Yoyo School of Dancing!